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The Roll Around the World Exchange: Partnering for Change in Skateboarding & Beyond

Girls Skate South Africa hosts a transformative exchange with German skaters, tackling gender inequality and inspiring change in skateboarding and beyond.

Skateboarding goes beyond borders and overcomes barriers. A recent youth exchange between South Africa and Germany proved just that. 

Partnering with Roll Around the World, Rollbrett e.V. Karlsruhe (Germany), and DRIJ (German Rollersports Youth), and with funding from Engagement Global's "teams up!" initiative, we welcomed a group of passionate skaters from Germany. 

The Roll Around the World (RATW) Exchange unites young skaters who make an impact in their community and have shown a commitment to achieving gender equality (SDG-5). 

What We Did:

Workshops & Learning: We deepened our understanding of gender equality (SDG-5) through lectures, discussions, and workshops.  

A South African skate photographer, Rudi Jeggle shared insights, and we explored the differences between sex and gender and how gender stereotypes impact skateboarding.

Building Bridges: Bonding over shared skate sessions in Soweto, Cape Town, and legendary spots like Battery Park was a highlight!  

A hop-on hop-off bus tour of Johannesburg gave our visitors a new perspective on the "City of Gold." We learned from each other, proving that skateboarding truly breaks down barriers.

Empowerment in Action: We learned from inspiring organizations like "Rare Bear" and "Beauty From Ashes" about their work supporting women and girls in townships.  

We held our own skate workshop for kids in Kya Sands, sharing the joy of skateboarding with the next generation. A dance class and a skate contest added even more fun, showing that empowerment takes many forms!

Program Goals and Impact

The RATW Exchange aimed to achieve the following goals aligned with SDG-5:

  • Increase female participation in skateboarding.

  • Equip young women and girls with leadership and advocacy skills.

  • Build resources to make skateboarding more inclusive and accessible to girls and women.

  • Inspire communities to embrace gender equality in sport and beyond.

The Ripple Effect

The legacy of the RATW Exchange extends far beyond the ramps and streets. 

These young changemakers will drive ongoing efforts to dismantle gender inequality and create a more inclusive future for skateboarding. 

This exchange powerfully reminds us that skateboarding is more than a sport—it's a catalyst for social progress.  

Stay tuned for future roll-outs, including the opportunity for South African participants to experience Germany's skate scenes, furthering the empowering work of RATW!

Thank You!

This experience wouldn't have been possible without our partners, Rollbrett e.V. Karlsruhe, and the support of DRIJ (German Rollersports Youth) and Engagement Global "teams up!". 

We're grateful for the chance to create a better future for skateboarding.

Check out the movement here:

Follow us here for more pics & updates: Girls Skate South Africa


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