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Leticia Pushes Msanzi

The Rise of Female Skateboarding in South Africa: Recapping Red Bull's “Leticia Pushes Mzanzi” Tour Skateboarding is a sport that has been dominated by men for a long time. However, that is changing, and female skateboarders are now rising to the occasion. South Africa is one of the countries leading this change, and recently, Leticia Bufoni, a world-renowned Brazilian female skateboarder, took part in the Red Bull “Leticia Pushes Mzanzi” Tour, inspiring local female skateboarders, including South Africa's female Olympic representatives, Biopelo Awuah and Melissa Williams.

In this article, we recap Bufoni's visit and its impact on South Africa's female skateboarding community.

The Red Bull "Leticia Pushes Msanzi" Tour's Impact on South Africa's Female Skateboarding Community

Bufoni's and other renowned femme skaters including Aldana Bertran, and local Olympic legends; Brandon Valjalo, Boipelo Awuah, and Melissa Williams, toured various skateparks around the country. Bufoni, who is a six-time X Games gold medalist, is known for her incredible skill and powerful style, on the board coupled with her passion and commitment to the sport. Seeing her in action was a major inspiration for local female skateboarders.

Bufoni's visit also shed light on the growing skateboarding scene in South Africa. RedBull conducted two workshops for female skateboarders, one in Soweto in collaboration with Island Gals Shred and the other in Cape Town in collaboration with the Skate Smiles Club. The aim of the workshops was to empower girls in skateboarding and encourage them to pursue their passion. The tour aimed to promote gender equality in skateboarding and inspire more girls to take up the sport.

From Sao Paulo with Love A Look at Leticia Bufoni's Legendary Career

Bufoni's storied career began when she was just 14 years old, and she has since won six X-Games gold medals, participated in the Olympic Games, and won multiple internationally acclaimed competitions around the globe. Bufoni was impressed by the skills and style of young skaters, she believes that the sport in South Africa has immense potential, and with more support, such as skate parks, sponsors, and events, it can flourish.

Keep the Momentum Going: Join the Movement to Support Female Skateboarders in South Africa

In conclusion, the Red Bull Leticia Pushes Mzanzi Tour was a major inspiration for South Africa's female skateboarding community. The tour not only showcased the skills of some of the world's top female skateboarders, but it also shed light on the growing skateboarding scene in South Africa. Bufoni's visit was a reminder that the sport has immense potential in the country and that with more support, it can flourish.

If you're interested in learning more about the growing femme skate scene in South Africa, be sure to follow Girls Skate South Africa on social media.

If you were fortunate enough to participate in any of the events during the Red Bull Leticia Pushes Mzanzi Tour, don't hesitate to share your photographs and experiences with us. Together, we can continue to inspire and empower more girls to start skating.

Photos courtesy of RedBull

Photos: Sam Clark & Tyrone Bradley

Written by: Chantall Graaf

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